BYOD To Work

The workplace is ever changing and your options need to change along with it. Whether you purchase devices for your staff or have them use their own, we have a plan to protect productivity.

Someone’s laptop will slip out of their bag and crash to the iPad will become an unwitting island in a latte spill...a smartphone will stop charging. It’s going to happen.

We work for you by providing an all US-based claims team, a quick and easy online claims system, 24 hour service on diagnostics and repairs after receipt, expedited shipping options, and even loaner programs for some devices.

We are here to help you protect your time and investment with easy to use options. You can have an employer sponsored BYOD protection plan, an employee discounted plan, or a group coverage plan. The possibilities are endless. What isn’t is the downtime that you will experience when your business uses TechSurety.

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