Our Benefits

1:1 programs are a detailed undertaking, with multiple facets. We commend you for your part in delivering a comprehensive educational experience to the students in your community.

The job of managing IT for your school just got more difficult. When schools work with GoCare - the burden for repairing or replacing devices, and more importantly tracking and monitoring the process, is suddenly off your shoulders and onto ours!

These are important devices facing heavy, daily use and some campus globetrotting. Face it - your school’s devices are going to get cracked, dropped, spilled on and damaged in old and new ways.

Let us help you design a device protection plan that meets your school’s needs. You can select coverage options and deductibles and even choose to have parents share in the cost and the claims process. Most importantly, we are there when you need us with an exclusive online claims system that is unparalleled.

Comprehensive coverage options, deductible choices, an unbelievably easy claims process, all US-based support, device diagnostics and repair within 24 hours, and industry leading coverage backed by Fortegra Financial are all part of the service when you protect your devices with GoCare.

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